Digital Media Designer (2019 4 February – 26 July)

Industrial partner: Ramus Illumination (Bruce Ramus)

An unconventional project for the Star Sydney

Employer: Dr Caitilin de Bérigny Interaction Design Artist, specialising in sound and visual multi-media interactive installations.

Size of team: Individual Work

The role: Create a digital artwork inspired by Biophilic concept

My experience and responsibilities

  • The site visit 

  • Design Proposal (Idea)

  • Drawing Storyboard

  • Video Location setup

  • Video shooting for 8k resolution digital canvas

  • Video Editing

Multimedia Artist Caldera Festival (2018 7 August – 2 Dec)

Industrial partner: City of Sydney Council

Digital Placemaking for the historic blacksmith forge at Eveleigh Locomotive Workshop

Employer: Laurence Rosier Staines Filmmaker, interactive event director, Festival producer, screenwriter.

Size of our team: 11 Artists & 5 Performers

The role of our team: Produce an intimate and immersive journey over four nights of entertainment. Incredible burlesque dancers, experimental underground music and of course interactive art installations.

My experience and responsibilities

  • Design Proposal for electronic art installation (Idea)

  • Creating graphic electronic art experience on digital canvas by design programming with p5.js

User Experience Designer (2018 1 February – 28 Jun)

Industrial partner: The University of Sydney Campus Infrastructure Services (CIS)

Digital Placemaking for the University of Sydney Campus

Employer: Dr Luke Hespanhol Interaction designer and electronic artist. 

Size of our team: 4 Interaction Design students

The role of our team: Improving the student experience with the local community surrounding the campus at Botany lawn (One of the most distinct areas at University of Sydney) in night.

My experience and responsibilities

  • Initial Research Report based on human-centred design process.

  • Design Proposal (concept)

  • Prototyping and building interactive digital product within a creative idea.

  • Design Modelling and Fabrication

  • Information Architecture and design technological platform for building sensor-based interface with various software and hardware construction tools.

  • UX testing & reporting

  • Android App design

  • Video concept

  • Evaluation Report (Idea)

User Interface Designer (2017 4 July – 24 November)

Industrial partner: WOOLIESX

Interface Design (Improvement for shopping online in Woolworths)

Employer: Dr Martin Tomitsch Associate Professor, Chair of Design, Research Director of the Design Lab

Size of our team: 3 Interaction Design students

The role of our team: Improvement delivery process

My experience and responsibilities

  • Initial Research Report

  • Design Proposal (Idea)

  • Product roadmap

  • Information Architecture and User interface design for Android App

  • Wireframes for Android App

  • Mockups and Interactive Prototype for Android App

  • User testing and feedback session

  • InVision prototype created and tested

  • Evaluation Report

Graphic Designer (2015 - Currently)

Mirza Design Studio

Employer: Self-employed

Size of team: Individual Work

The role: Freelance Graphic Designer

My experience and responsibilities

  • Graphic design (Vector design, 3D design, Photoshop…)

  • Corporate Identity & Branding (Logo design, Stationery design, Business Card design…)

  • Print Design (Packaging design, Poster design, Advertisement design…)