Blender and Autodesk 3ds Max, Making 3D animations, models, games and images

Adobe Photoshop, Image editing and compositing

Adobe Premiere Pro, Professional video editing

Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator, Vector graphics and illustration

Adobe After Effects, Cinematic visual effects

Adobe Animate, Multimedia authoring and computer animation program

InDesign, Page design and layout for print and digital publishing

Balsamiq, Making wireframes

Sketch3, Creating mock-ups

In Vision, Animations and transition design

p5.js, Design Programming for creating graphic and interactive experiences

Fritzing, CAD software for the design of electronic hardware

Arduino, open source electronic prototyping platform to create interactive electronic objects

Processing, Open source computer programming language for the electronic arts

Grasshopper, 3D Visual programming language runs within Rhino

Max 7, Visual programming software, connects objects with virtual patch cords

Design Modelling and Fabrication, Producing design prototypes, objects and model